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Punjabi Song With Lyrics

Here is a collection of new and old Punjabi Songs Lyrics. Lyrics are included from all popular Punjabi Music albums released along with song details. All types of songs lyrics from the latest Desi Punjabi 
Bhangra songs to Urban Punjabi songs from UK, US and rest of the world.

Malkit Singh's Aj Bhangra Paun noo Ji Karda 

Vekh ke CLUB vich bethi kurdi kahli
Aard de munde ne aa kol SEAT mal le
Kehnda "Kurdi noo bulaon noo ji karda
Aj bhangra paun noo - hoyyyyyee
Aj Bhangra paun noo ji karda
Aj Bakre buloan noo ji karda"

Galan-batan maar kurdi nachne noo lalayee,
Mundiyan de vich tdhan-tdhan karva laye. 
Bulle Shadh var kari jandi oh kumar, 
Ohnoo vekh josh-jiha see charda.
Ve kehnda "Bhangra paun no...

Aard di kurdi de naal akh jadoon lard gayee,
WHISKEY de PEG naalon vad nasha chard gayee.
Sare ohnoo kehn HEMA MALINI di pehn,
Jirda tahke ohnoo vekh thande hawke parda.
Ve kehnda "Bhangra paun no...

Urdi marik naloo, saroo jiha kad se,
Saariyan de vich bas uhde NUMBER vad se.
Surme di tari, ohnoo lagdi piyari,
Munda vekh ke yaaron ke karda?
Ve kehnda "Bhangra paun no...

Patla shareer jane phook maar ud jaoo,
Naenan vala teer kise gabroo noo chub jaoo.
Gal vich paani MALKIT di nishani,
Par pher vi to rakh duniya ton parda.
Ve kehnda "Bhangra paun no...

Today I feel like doing Bhangra (English Translation)

On seeing this girl sitting alone in a CLUB,
This nearby guy quickly took the SEAT near her
He said (kehnda) " I feel like calling her to come to near
Today I feel like doing Bhangra.... hoyyyyyee
Today I feel like doing Bhangra
and calling out challenges".

I smooth-talked her into dancing with me,
And all the guys to bowed to me
Like Bulle Shah's (Punjabi Poet) stories, she mesmerized everyone
Seeing her got me into a frenzy-like state
...and I felt like doing Bhangra

When my eye entangled with this same-aged girl,
It was more intoxicating than a peg of Whiskey
Everyone called her Hema Malini's sister
Whoever sees her, sighs cold sighs
...and I felt like doing Bhangra

She walked with an attitude, was tall like the saroo tree
She scored higher than all the others
The lines of Surma look lovely on her
friend, What's a guy supposed to do?
...feel like doing Bhangra and call out challenges.

That thin body would fly away if I just blew some air at her
The arrows from her eyes will pierce some bachelor for sure
Around your neck, you wear a sign of Malkit
But still I want you to hide from the world.
...and I felt like doing Bhangra


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